Association of Civil Engineering Students (ACES) is a professional club within the University of Nairobi. It draws its membership from Civil Engineering Students in the School of Engineering. Its main objective is to enhance the civil engineering student life by developing links with the industry and academia. Its main initiatives include educating, exposing, and informing its members to the civil engineering field.

It also strives to ensure that its members are sensitive to their surrounding communities and environment by participating in charitable activities. Furthermore, ACES aims at equipping students with knowledge and experiences they need after they graduate and get into the job market.

Talks are among the most important events in our calendar as they create a link between the engineers and the students training to be engineers. Talks equip the students with a wealth of knowledge on the options, regulations, registration and developments in the Civil engineering field. They also are a platform for the students to interact with people who are already in the industry. They also are a way of inspiring the students to pursue the Civil engineering field after graduating. Some of the talks we have


Children's Home

The club has engages in social responsibility by visiting children's home and providing humanitarian assistance to those in need. The club mobilises students to donate items such as clothing, shoes and most importantly their time.


ACES acquired resources to set up Wi-Fi in the department of Civil and Construction. The internet service is provided by the school however the infrastructure to transmit the signal by Wi-Fi was an initiative of the students through the club.


The club partnered with Women in Technology (WiT) Safaricom in a female empowerment programme where they held a talk to advice lady engineers and offer internship opportunity to them.


The club is making efforts to ensure all the students are members of the Institute of Engineers of Kenya (IEK) by paying the annual subscription for its members. The club also facilitates willing members to join the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) especially those who are passionate about Structural Design.


The club has facilitated the formation of Google Groups in class to help facilitate the process of sharing and transmitting notes and supplements the eLearning site.


The club has a bureau where it provides photocopying services. The bureau is the main income generating activity for the club. The profit made is used to fund club activities.


The club has organised a site visit to the UoN towers for students to familiarize themselves with the engineering profession in practice.
The club also organizes visits to Factories and construction sites.


Passing important information to the members through social media.


  1. Munyua Adrian M. Chairperson
  2. Sopia Shillah S. Vice-chairperson
  3. Kimani Linet M. Treasurer
  4. Amollo Kenneth O. Secretary General
  5. Ndegwa Levis M. Academic Affairs Secretary
  6. Nini Fredrick. Publicity Secretary
  7. Muguru Joyce W. Legal Affairs Secretary
  8. Mwenda Brian. Organizing Secretary
  9. Kali Antony. Representative    (January 2014 Intake)
  10. Mutura Andrew. Representative    (May 2013 Intake)
  11. Ruth Karungaru. Representative    (May 2015 Intake)