Progressively, the sands of time pass, fate unfolds, man’s life erodes and dissipates. The essence of his being gradually diminishes, his existence steadily expires. In between the hallmarks of birth and death, he struggles to squeeze in as much as possible, earnestly toiling to fill up the modest slate of life.  He seeks money, pleasure, status and fame. Every man has his own peculiar value systems, they all seek to bargain in life with what they find valuable. And many a times they become blind to other realities around them.

Since time immemorial, man has asked himself great questions; questions that have gone unanswered. One of the questions is whether there is life outside our planet and whether there is a parallel universe or other dimensions in the universe that the human mind cannot perceive.

History has constantly shown that man has always paid attention to only what benefits him most. However he has always been blind to other realities that do not concern him. Over the last thousands of years our ancestors mostly concentrated on finding food and protecting themselves from harsh conditions. They never took more time to contemplate upon the starry sky. Any strange thing that their primitive minds could not decipher was alluded to deities.

It is with no doubt that with the new technology, man is able to create even realities that he only once dreamt existed. He has created novel machines that can even take him to the moon and back. We have now left our minds unbounded and we are on the ladder; on the ladder to opening the mind of god…the question modern man is asking is, is there another universe? ; Another dimension such as ours in the cosmos? Is there your doppelganger somewhere doing Bachelor of Arts; or some tyrant seated on the throne of despots; are there aliens within our realm? Is there another reality around us that we cannot detect by our senses; senses which have become blunt with time since these realities were not affecting our ancestors? If indeed the big bang theory is right and the universe expanded uniformly is it not obvious that there is another planet on the other side with the same conditions as earth. We are descended from ancestors who evolved to only fit for those things that affected them either negatively or positively. We were forged in the same fires thus even the fundamental structure of our mind is the same. It is thus safe to say that we are simply a refined species of our ancestors. We have nearly all the characteristics that they acquired over the centuries to survive. And with this evolution some of the senses they never used became vestigial.

Our planet is the most extra ordinary planet in the whole universe. It has mild temperatures that can support life and the development of a conscience. It doesn’t have dark matter, ultra violet waves neither does it have heavy metals that penetrate, unlike on other planets. Its gravity is just enough to keep it in its orbit and to allow some light to be reflected other planets and stars have either very hot temperatures or very cold temperatures. In short, it’s in the goldilock zone. These mild temperatures have enabled plants and animals to thrive-in the end we consume these plants and animals for survival. Could these foods be the ones making our minds so dump, disillusioned and dull that they cannot grasp reality? Can such a mind that has developed in a remote planet with mild temperatures really understand reality; a most ordinary planet, orbiting a mediocre star, one speck on the spiral arm of a standard galaxy. Can it really comprehend what reality is when it’s affected with exceptionally different conditions from real conditions of 99.9% of all that constitute the universe? Can such a mind be a powerful, cold logic engine or does it function like a blunt weapon that tears and hack instead of cutting clean.

All that comes from a weak womb are weak and so are those created in a weak environment. Forget mortal lies, we are not natures best creation; we are simply a failed experiment of nature. A majority of people engage in hard labor which cannot be done away with because of the requirement for nutrition. This leaves them with less time for learning and contemplation. They engage their muscles from dawn to dusk and the only thing that can drive them from their toil is rain or darkness. Thus in the evening and at night the mind is tired and the antagonism between this muscles and mind causes the intelligence to go blunt, becoming clumsy, heavy, awkward and incapable of grasping reality. Their muscular strength is overworked so much that the nervous power, which makes intelligence, is thwarted. If you do not believe this; then close your eyes; look into your mind, does the light suffice? Why has it taken thousands of years to discover the Higgs Boson particle? Why did it take us long to discover cosmic microwaves. Why did it take us long to discover that there is inflation and the universe is expanding at an extremely high speed? Why did it take us too long to discover dark matter? Why is it taking us to long to discover the unifying formulae .Maybe we are wired to only know that which affects our existence.

What happens when a man finds he knows less than he thought? What happens when Knowledge confronts faith, “truth” begets fraud, myth and rationality bestows curiosity? What happens when gullibility dissolves and skepticism is born? Does a man become less rational when he abdicates faith at the altar of “reason”? Does it diminish a man one bit to confront belief with reality? We all harbor questions; deep questions, we all seek an incursion into the bottomless domains of life. We all seek a clear picture, a bright exposure, more leverage. Better understanding. But as we pursue these winds of knowledge we deprive ourselves the pleasures around as. Let’s only be the poet who asks gods to put his head in the heavens to have a glimpse of its beauty and not the philosopher who asks gods to put the heavens into his head making it split.

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