the dead sea

The Dead Sea is also known as the Sea of Salt or the Sea of Death. Such morbid names come from the fact that it is extremely salty and is thus too harsh for either fauna or flora to flourish. According to Wikipedia, it lies in the lowest valley on earth and is one of the deepest hyper-saline water bodies on earth with a depth of 304m. It is so salty that it is ten times as salty as the ocean.

So what makes the Dead Sea so salty? So deadly? Other than being in the lowest point on earth, it also only has one source of water and that is the Jordan River. So water is able to flow in but since it barely has any outlets, this water is unable to flow out. Also, due to its gradient, all the minerals in the surrounding regions get washed into it and due to the extremely high temperatures, these minerals get baked by the sun and in turn make these waters extremely concentrated. Fun fact, the sea is so salty that swimming in it is as good as floating due to its extreme density (1.24kg/litre). But don’t get me wrong, people still drown in this sea.

You might be wondering why I’m prattling on and on about the Sea of Salt. And this is why. In life we can sometimes find ourselves receiving so much from so many ends. It may be that we receive so many good things and like the sea we do not share it with others. Or it could be that life is filled with so much misfortune and we still do not open up to others to let them help us or to try and share in our burdens. In both cases, the accumulation of so much good or so much bad will turn you toxic…will turn you salty, from the inside out. We all need an outlet, no matter the circumstances, to make life a little better. Even if you are the richest man on earth and you do not share this with others, the less fortunate perhaps, of what good is it? If you get to live and die alone, you and your millions… If you carry so much misfortune in your life that you get so bitter that you drive anyone and everyone who might have cared away? Luckily for us the Dead Sea may not have a choice, but we do. We can choose to have an outlet and to not hold on to things so tightly.

Learn to share the things in your life and in the process, create room for even more experiences and emotions to grow and flourish.

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