Allow me to introduce to you, Doreen Ngoge, 23, a woman of strength and big dreams. Doreen Ngoge is no ordinary woman, she  achieved much at a tender age but it has not all been silver and gold.

Ngugi has interests in:

  • Environmental activism
  • Women empowerment
  • Human rights activism
  • Politics
  • Fashion
  • Entrepreneurship

Her ambitions: 

  • To serve as a women representative in 2022 and higher positions in subsequent terms
  • To register milestones in environmental activism and push for achievement of SDGs on environment
  • To register massive success in my business ventures and play a role in curbing unemployment crisis


  • Taking part in issue based debates
  • Reading publications on leadership, technological advancements, activism and environmental sustainability
  • Watching movies
  • Writing poetry
  • Participating in leadership forums

Outlook on life

While academic excellence is highly applauded in life, to be all round is a noble thing. Create time for God. Create time for people, interact,create networks, create friendships, love, make mistakes, learn, grow. Identify what sets your soul on fire, live for it. There is no manual on how to live, create one for your life and don’t be too hard on yourself. *smile*

Also, life is not predetermined, no one was born successful, successful people had dreams, ambitions and looked for inspiration then they worked their way to the top. Success doesn’t happen by accident and rarely does it happen by luck.

Role models

  • Hillary Clinton : she is a living example of a woman whose ability was neither defined by gender nor societal believes.
  • Maya Angelou : her works have played a fundamental role in uplifting struggling women and restoring the hope of brighter futures in them. May her soul R.I.P.
  • Wangari Maathai : an outstanding environmental political activist who put sufficient emphasis on the need to conserve the environment. May her soul R.I.P.


I am;

  • an Environmental and Biosystems Engineering student
  • A Certified Public Accounting(CPA) Student

Should all go well, I will be starting my law degree sometime next year. I believe proper understanding of the law is not only a fundamental asset to the running of our day to day activities but also an arsenal in the defense and protection of human rights-something I am very passionate about.

Entrepreneurship journey

High unemployment rates in the country have been a strong driving force in my entrepreneurial journey.

Some of my ventures include:

  • I’m a managing director of Upper Level Creative Contractors Company, A construction company I’m determined to see grow in the foreseeable future
  • I’m a general manager of Sasy Collections, an online clothing and beauty products store.
  • I double as a technical advisor and a marketing executive for Prime Alarms Ltd. A security company that is doing relatively well.

Political Career

I’m very passionate about politics. I value interactions, I love people and I would love to do at least something for everyone. I love discussing issues, solving problems and advocating for what is right. This defines fulfillment for me.

I vied for The Gender affairs secretary position in the last SONU election but due to the questionable nature of the credibility of the electoral process, the position went vacant for the term.

This year, I take a break off student politics to concentrate on business and my Industrial attachment, however, I will be serving students in a different capacity.

I will be going for the Women Representative position in 2022, if all goes as planned.

I have also been honoured to be a member of the National Executive Council (NEC) of a political movement (party). I’m the Secretary, Environmental Matters of The Green Congress of Kenya (GCK), a political movement that advocates for environmental sustainability. We are looking forward to working with international movements that share in the green vision.

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