The editorial committee is appointed after interviews each and every year for a renewable term of one year. They are tasked with producing the quarterly journal of the association, The Student Engineer.


Philip Adero
Editor in Chief

Philip is a final year student from the department of Environmental & Bio systems engineering. He served in the previous board as an editor of the student engineer He brings to the board his ability to source for funds as well as his writing skills on matters science and technology. His interests lie in remote sensing, agricultural machinery and Irrigation engineering.

Mark Kiprotich
Managing Editor

He is a lucid, buoyant young upcoming engineer who relishes challenges and working under pressure. His greatest strengths are his research, communication and writing skills. He has an estimable ability to write good quality content since more that 50 of his articles have been published by leading magazines and newspapers. Versatility, enthusiasm and competence are his key personality traits and he always strives to achieve high standards in all his endeavors. He has gained an assortment of managerial skills and can work effectively with or without supervision, alone or with a team. He believes that 'no one is smarter than all of us.' His main weakness is that he is a 'hairsplitter.' Along with being a director at VoSpine, in charge of VoSpine Technology and VoSpine Engineering, he is a member of the World Youth Alliance (WYA) and Young African Leaders Int'l (YALI).

Victor Mungai

Victor Mungai is a first year Electrical Engineering student. He is enthusiastic about technology and student journalism and runs a blog (victhajackal.wordpress.com). He is also passionate about community service projects like volunteer teaching. He likes reading, watching movies and football.