GESA as is known now was formed in the early 90's. It was formerly known as Surveying Students Association (SSA) as the course itself was called Surveying. But due to some changes in aspects of spatial data and advancement developments in digital data processing the name changed to Geospatial Engineering. The association has over the years maintained a cordial relationship with both the College of Architecture and Engineering (CAE) and the University as a whole.


GESA is the association that caters for geospatial engineering students specifically. All students taking the course are legible to be members after a small registration fee is paid.

The main aim of GESA has been to try and narrow the gap between the students and professionals in the field. Thereby the association facilitates various activities that go all through the academic period of 5 years. The association seeks among other things to enhance interaction and mentorship within the Geospatial circles. This not only creates awareness in advances in technology In the Geospatial Field but also enable the student to get a hands on experience of the applications of the course in the real world.

Apart from academic activities we also have other activities like community service to give back to the community. GESA officials consist of 8 members. They are the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary General, Treasurer, Academic Affairs Secretary, Social Affairs Secretary, Publicity secretary and ICT/Social media representative.


To be an internationally/nationally recognized and committed to providing effective leadership and excellence both in Geospatial environment and other related Engineering fields.


To develop,provide and maintain excellent professional leadership in geospatial disciplines and offer valuable services to its student members.