This is an abstract presented for consideration at the the recently concluded IEEE event at Strathmore Business School. It details a new frontier in Professional Networking. This work is by The University of Nairobi Students.

VoSpine is a networking site that connects people with similar interests across the world. It was founded by young entrepreneurs currently students at the University of Nairobi. Every member in the team has diverse knowledge on entrepreneurship in different sectors of the economy. 75% of the members have had a formal experience in employment with Equity Bank Limited after being ranked top 1% nationally in their Final Secondary School Examinations. Their roles involved handling cash deposits, withdrawals, cheques, money transfers, foreign exchange, serving 220+ customers and handling over KShs 15million per day. This explains their profound knowledge and wide interaction with the distinct constituents of the society's cycle and their sharp analytical problem-solving skills.

In a study by PewResearchCenter, 76% of the internet users are shying away from the social sites. The prime reason being prevalent inappropriate content and 'Junk information' they come across. However, the word 'inappropriate' is relative. Due to diversified human interests, one would consider any information that is not in line with one's interest as inappropriate. Consequently, any information in line with one's interest makes one deem it appropriate. Thus, VoSpine offers the befitting solution for this.

VoSpine networks people across the world who share a common interest. It gives young talents an opportunity to connect to potential mentors and engage in productive discussions within the platform. One is able to discover opportunities and explore the worldly experience in line with their interest and passion. It also gives established professionals an avenue to identify, nurture and explore young talents. This creates a balance in society.

When you sign in to VoSpine, you join particular channels depending on your interests. This could be Technology, Business, Health, Fashion, Religion and many others. Within the respective channels, you are able to meet and interact with like-minded people across the world.

Connect with Business moguls in VoSpine Business, techees in VoSpine Tech, medics in VoSpine Health, avid book readers in VoSpine Book club, fanatics of sport in VoSpine Sports, incredible photographers in VoSpine photography or other religious people across the world on VoSpine Christianity or VoSpine Islam and many more exciting channels. In the Channels, you have unlimited access to relevant:

  • News items.
  • Articles.
  • Opportunities.
  • Upcoming events i.e. summits and symposiums among others.
  • Information e.g. updates on what's trending around the world concerning your interests, tips concerning your areas of interest and any other information that the channel members share among themselves.

Within a month after its launch, VoSpine has attracted an active community of 4,000+ users.


  1. Sidney Rema - CEO and Co-Founder.
  2. Phelix Juma - COO and Co-Foudner.


  1. Danstan Wanyonyi - (Director)Brand and Marketing.
  2. Anaklet Koros - (Director) Product Management.


  1. Peterson Kamiri .


  1. Purity Kariuki - Branding.
  2. Ascon Kamili - Marketing .


  1. Peter Maiya - Health.
  2. Mark Kiprotich -Engineering and Technology.
  3. Pius Mutuma -Sports.
  4. Mbiti Mwondi -Business and Economics.
  5. Isaac Musili -Photography and Entertainment.
  6. Jared Maina -Photography.
  7. Cyrus Wakonyo -Christianity.
  8. Hassan Jeilan -Islam.
  9. Brenda Kwamboka -Fashion.
  10. Erick Aliet -Christianity.
  11. Richard Keno - Politics.
  12. Hillary Shivonje -Real Estate.


50,000 users by January, 2016.


1 million users by September, 2016.