Microcontroller Aplication in Security Systems.

By Makata Namasaka.
Over the last one and a half decades, the world has witnessed soaring technological advancements with equal parts awe and fascination. Such transcendences, as it is the seeming, have set grounds for cut-throat competition in innovation and creativity that nothing no longer defies its whims. While China, Japan and the US seem eternally entangled in waging technological wars, the daunting question pokes at our enthusiasm and responsiveness to the technological dynamics that are now the parameters with which economies the world over measure their progress.

To be a developing economy is a fair enough matter but to have our sort of healthy appetites for consumer goods makes stuff for suicidal contemplation. Our hunger for cars and mobile phones is unparalleled, much like our scant consideration of the ills that devil us. The panacea of which lies right in the realms of technology.

There is an ominous cloud of insecurity hanging on our heads as we speak. And by insecurity I do not intend to refer to the nightmare that is the Alshaabab to this country. The government seem to be engaging plausible efforts in waging war against insecurity and terrorism, if the latest stride of allocating close to one quarter of a trillion to the security sector in the national budget is anything to go by.

What is of greater concern, however, is our sense of security as a primary responsibility as individuals. Political prelature might have done well to make us believe the government is supposed to keep us secure. True enough. What is truer, however, is we are supposed to secure ourselves in our homes, schools and places of work. It is easier to understand the greater temptation of installing a marvel of a plasma TV set in a newly built house than prioritizing on its security system. What is harder to comprehend is the incorrigible belief that places are secure until they prove insecure. This is a manifestly bad perception. If indeed we are a much a person for learning, recent times have underlined the imperative of making security at all levels a top priority. We may not need to sell our cars and invest in guns, pleasant as the idea may taste, we may not live long enough to shoot the person who shot us in the head. As it very clearly has downed on us, we can longer play the security dice. We must invest in the right technology. Nuff purr.

Microcontroller technology is emerging as an indispensable innovation is most ground-breaking designs of recent times.

In an era christened as the Internet of Things, the microcontroller is now the contemporary world machine to machine raven. Small it might be alright, but the massiveness of its applicability is a marvel.

It provides a proven scope of seamless architectures optimal on speed, power consumption, data bandwidth and user interfaces. Common among these architectures is the AVR family of microntrollers which include, among others, AVR 8- and 32 bit microcontrollers, unique MCU designs that offer a great combination of performance, power efficiency, adaptability, design elasticity and C and assembly language code efficiency.

The ARM-based microntrollers offer wide ranging technologically smart solutions in a broad portfolio of highly optimized and flexible SMART ARM-based designs. These microcontrollers find application in virtually all devices from control, communications, and power to security systems. 8051 provides yet another architecture with greater and advanced features and functionalities.

These devices have been applied to a great effect in security systems. A prime example is the Microcontroller Based Security System with Intruder Position which combines designs of transformers, rectifiers, LCDs and embedded microcontrollers.

The microcontroller Based Home Security System is a burglary deterrent system that employs a 20 pin AT89c2051 together with sensors (LDR) and alarms. The system requires users to enter an activation pin to open doors and windows.

Other tested systems include the Home Security System, the RFid Security System, Android Based industrial Security System, Touchscreen based Security System, and SMS based locker Security systems among many others.

There are many other devices in the market that we cannot exhaustively mention. What important to re- iterate is we must as individuals invest in the technology that guarantees a certain level of security.

With the government intent on connecting millions of homes around the country on the national grid, we can bring the realm of the microcontroller to our homes. Cost effective, they are and boasts proven effectiveness.

As it was mentioned earlier, we are a developing nation with sights on scaling heights of industrialization. We must hence be able to establish systems of proper training and production. The microcontroller is no rocket science, we can trained of its technology and facilitated to apply it without any having to travel to the moon.